A new generation of drummers reimagined the drumstick - it's called Boso.

Boso is bamboo, not wood.

Every Boso product is handcrafted from compressed Anji bamboo, inspired by a traditional stick's shape. The difference is, we've designed an alternative tone and feel uncommon in conventional wooden sticks that will inspire your performance.

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"Side sticks were loud and full, cross sticks were especially thick and clicky, and the overall sound of the tips on the cymbals were rich and darker than the oh-so-popular hickory"

Jonathan Mover, Drumhead Magazine

Thick and light, or thin and heavy?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do they last longer?

This depends on your technique and style of playing. We believe they do, which is likely because of the flex; more forgiving than oak, hickory or maple.

What we love most is that bamboo doesn't leave wood chips all over your kit like a beaver had lunch on it. Boso bamboo will dent and the feel will fade over time. This helps you determine when it's time to change sticks before it breaks.

What do they sound like on cymbals?

With less density to the material, Boso bamboo provides a warm, lush tone unlike wood.

What other products are you thinking about?

We're committed to more variations throughout our stick line, as well as additional percussion accessories to round out your bag.

NOW AVAILABLEBoso Bamboo Bundles™

What size do you typically play?

We looked at the fundamental sizes and made a few modifications to compensate for the natural characteristics of bamboo - lush tone, natural flex, and a comfortable feel.

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