What can I expect to feel and hear?

Inspired by a traditional stick's shape, designed for drummers seeking qualities uncommon in conventional wooden products.

Boso offers a new inspirational feel, tone, and response with less environmental impact because it's made from 100% bamboo which is highly sustainable.
You'll appreciate some feedback we've received from innovative drummers like you –– don't mistakenly compare bamboo to wood. For example, your Boso sticks will have a:
1. Natural Flex
Bamboo is grass, not wood. The fibrous texture of the bamboo makes it more resilient than traditional wood due to the difference in density. Your new sticks will feel different at first. We've found that once your hands become familiar with this new feel, the stick does all the work. This means less wear and tear on your hands, forearms, elbows, and less energy is needed to play. Brian Nevin (Big Head Todd and the Monster's drummer) says, "Boso sticks feel alive in my hands."
2. Lower pitch on cymbals
Boso offers a lush tone, which decreases unwanted overtones you may hear on cymbals.
3. More responsive rebound
Since bamboo is a grass, not a wood, certain tips, tapers, lengths and shoulders will feel different in bamboo than they do in wood. Whether it’s good or bad is for you to decide. We offer different sizes if you're not getting the desired feel from a Boso stick in your typical, "go-to" stick size. Remember, we have the ability to make thin sticks extremely heavy and thick sticks extremely light.