Every Boso artist brings a special insight to the products we produce for you. We're proud to have a roster of talented individuals supporting Boso. We're behind every beat they play. Are you interested?


Featured Artists

Jeff Brown
Independent / Reeves Gabrels

"I don't want to think about my sticks when I'm playing. I just want a stick that feels good and does what it's supposed to do. BOSO delivers a strong, responsive and quality stick that unlocks the possibilities in my playing"

Jimmy Coleman

"These sticks are nicely weighted, incredibly well balanced, respond great to dynamics, and can also take a beating when I need to hit ‘em hard. Bamboo, baby! Sustainable, yet uncompromisable. Boso thunk it!"

Scott Mercado

"Since changing to BOSO drumsticks I've noticed an improvement in my playing. The rebound/upstroke is incredible, allowing for easier smoother, quicker rolls with less work. I notice the difference every time I sit down on my drum kit. These sticks are amazing!"

Mike Meadows
Independent / Ben Kweller / Hayes Carll

"I really enjoy the feel and response of Boso bamboo drumsticks!! It is a totally different experience than playing with wood sticks and feels more vibrant to me. The weight and density variance, between the Strata and Natural lines, is amazing and I prefer different ones depending on the type of music I'm performing/recording. Thanks for making these available to the music community!"

Brian Nevin
Big Head Todd and the Monsters

"Bamboo sticks feel alive in my hands."

Prince T'Challa
NAS, Independent Drummer, Producer, The Panthers, The Prince T'Challa Jazz Quartet.

"I really do enjoy the different feel & grip I get from the stick. It’s a totally different type of craftsmanship.  I mean, it’s BAMBOO. In my eyes, it doesn’t get any cooler than that. There’s never been a bamboo drumstick crafting company ever. Well, at least not one I’ve ever run across in my 23 years of living. I use a couple of different models of the stick via whatever style/genre I’m performing at that particular time. When I’m swinging, I use the Natural 5B model stick. It feels so light when I swing the stick. But when you hear my actual attack when I connect with the drum, you could’ve sworn I was using a baseball bat. Lol! It’s the best. I love it."

Adam Perry
The Bloodhound Gang

Nick Ruffini
Nick Ruffini Band / Independent, and Founder & Host, Drummer's Resource (Podcast)

"I love the response coming off the drum head. It's like nothing I've ever felt before."



Full Artist Roster

Adrian Nava

"I can honestly say that Boso Drumsticks beat the competition. It is hard to find a reliable product that works. They have a light feel but at the same time are super tough. These sticks are nothing but AMAZING!!"

Corey Walen
The Nearly Deads

"What interested me in playing Boso sticks is their focus on using more sustainable materials. What keeps me playing them is the superior durability of the sticks and a feel that's light yet surprisingly powerful."

Craig Tomanini

"When I first played with Boso Sticks I fell in love with the feel of them because they were so light for the 2B size I use yet they are the strongest stick I have ever played with, I look forward to trying to break one at my next gig."

Dave Mohn

"I really like Boso sticks, there balanced and feel good when they hit the drum. I get a more natural bounce/response than any other stick on the market."

Gerard Spalding
Independent (Australia)

"The Dark Boso 7As are my new go-to stick for power and control. I'm required to play a vast variety of musical styles on a moment's notice and these sticks give me the versatility and sustainability that I need on a regular basis."

Jack Snyder
The Swaggering Growlers

"I am more than excited to join The Boso Drum Family whose sense of sustainable eco-systems rivals my own personal views. The Strata 5A's are sexy, sleek, durable and tough. I am so excited to be part of this amazing movement!"

Jason Cobb
Independent / Worship leader

"Boso sticks feel like they belong in my hands. I've never felt any other pair this comfortable to play with."

Jim Leadbetter 
Vanishing Affair

"What attracted me to Boso was the fact that they were using a renewable resource to make drumsticks. What got me to stick with Boso (no pun intended) was their durability and feel. These sticks have little vibration if any on the back end/ rebound and feel great in your hands."

Jasson Martin
Independent / Worship leader

"I love the feel and control I get from Boso drumsticks. My favorite is the Strata 5A. They not only play well, but they look great!"

Josh Wagner
Brenden McPeek and the Soul Reformation

"The overall balance and feel of Boso drumsticks are unmatched. Not only am I helping the environment, I'm doing so with a superior product."


Laura Dunn
Finished Work / Jamaal Sabree / Independent

"BOSO Drumsticks actually allow me to feel the vibration of each stroke throughout the sticks, leading to better rebound, control and response from the head.  I fell in love at the first stroke... plus the Strata's just look sick."


Marco Morselli
Till All Is One (Italy)

"Boso sticks... the next generation of drumsticks! I love the durability of the Bamboo and the cool and unique look. Once you try them you will never use any other sticks."

Michael Collins
Throwback Suburbia

"These are the sticks I've been waiting for! The durability of bamboo is amazing, plus I feel like the sticks have their own unique sound when they make contact with my drums. Boso's philosophy of sustainability is also a big bonus".

Carlos Yamasaki
World Percussionist / Drummer

"I was looking for a really comfortable and durable drumstick... but when I found Boso Drumsticks I didn't find a stick...I found an extension of my sound."

Zebulun Barnow
Independent Drummer / Producer / Educator

"Boso sticks are superior because the response is quicker and more profound than other sticks of comparable weight and dimension. Environmental sustainability is very important to me and I am glad the time for these sticks is here!"


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