Artist Endorsements

How do I become a Boso artist?

It's important that you share our philosophy on sustainability and commitment to design innovation. We have a variety of ways we can support you based on your qualifications. Here are the acceptable credentials for endorsement consideration (3 or more must apply):
  • Currently playing Boso Drumsticks and loving them
  • Substantial likes and views on social media sites
  • Playing for a high-visibility tour group, or working with an established artist
  • TV, movie, studio or radio credits
  • Educator at a major college or university
  • Substantial CD/Record/Download sales
We're very passionate about supporting our artists. We work closely with them and encourage their continuous feedback. By definition, “endorsement” means the artist swears by the product 100% and would rather not play any other product. The artist is in fact endorsing the company rather than the company endorsing the artist.
If you're interested in representing Boso please send the following information to
  • Links to videos of you performing
  • Links to music you have performed on. Do not attach files or mail anything to our office.
  • Professional and personal bio with photo of you
  • Describe 3 ways you will proudly promote Boso Drumsticks beyond simply telling friends, playing the sticks at shows, etc. What will you do to personally introduce the benefits of Boso to more people?
  • Links to your website, instagram, youtube, etc.
If you don't qualify today, please do not apply. We'll be here when you're ready! 

    Please note: To ensure we receive your info include "Artist Submission" in the subject line of your email. Do not contact us to check the status of your application. We will contact you if your submission has been accepted.