Artists Wanted

Boso Drumsticks is now accepting submissions for endorsements. Qualified artists will be given the support they need to maintain their craft in exchange for helping promote Boso and the benefits of going green and never compromising.

Read the details and qualifications so you know what we're looking for and send in your info today.



I’ve been playing for over 25yrs. My genre is punk and I’m the drummer for Philadelphia’s own THORZINE. I’d definitely test the durability of your sticks. Looking into the dark/compressed model for durability. Currently playing the British carbon fiber Carbosticks brand. You have a dealer here in PA, so I’m ordering a pair of your compressed models to blast thru!

George " Rusty " Di Pasquale

Hello, I live in Trenton N.J. , I have been playing professionally for over 30 years, These sticks have been a life saver to me, I suffer from Arthritis of both thumb joints that has almost brought my playing to a screaming and painful stop, but these sticks have changed everything for me,the texture, weight and flexibility has given my hands new life and I just love these sticks, Thanks you for making them, it has changed everything for me !!!!!

Joey Martin

I like what your doing here a lot. We use enough trees in our everyday life, Thanks for trying to make a difference! Ive been playing drums all my life and know quite a few musicians that would love this idea and try these out.

Brent Levesque

Hello. I have been playing for 30+ years and I am always interested in trying new and innovative products.I know alot of drummers and musicians and think many of them would be equally interested in these.I would definitely be able to spread the word of these as i know many people in the industry including many drum teachers and music store owners.Would very much like to give them a try.

Marc Goins

I live in the Charlotte North Carolina area. I have been a professional drummer for 45 years. I recorded my first record at 15. I have worked extensively throughout the eastern seaboard with R & B groups, known in the area as “beach bands”, however that is not my forte’ I love creative jazz drums, R & B and all other genres, but it’s all soul to me. I also enjoy and appreciate the aspects of using bamboo for creative wood alternatives. We have a half acre growing in the backyard and I’m just getting use to all it’s creative abilities. It would do my heart good to promote your product, so please consider contacting me. Thank you

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