Artists Wanted

Boso Drumsticks is now accepting submissions for endorsements. Qualified artists will be given the support they need to maintain their craft in exchange for helping promote Boso and the benefits of going green and never compromising.

Read the details and qualifications so you know what we're looking for and send in your info today.


Matt Meinzer

I stopped at the Drum Den in NJ to get a snare drum, and a saw your sticks on the rack, I asked about them and he told me all about you. He gave me the sticks for free! The action is great Ive been using them for Months now to warm up before gigs. I can play on any table and get action as if i had a drum pad. I play Drums in a number of NYHC bands and Punk bands. Ive already been that guy people stop and ask about the sticks im using… I could do it on a higher level. No matter what I love the sticks.

Paul Spivey

You have peaked my interest! I play professionally in a corporate band called Derek & the Slammers. We’ve played from Austria to Australia, from Florida to Alaska. Some venues I use ‘Rods’ as we sometimes play low key gigs. If I could use something that feels more like a stick but generates less volume that would be fantastic. Let’s keep in touch.

Tree Schnabel

Hello BOSO Drumsticks,

I reside in Anaheim CA, drummer for a roots,reggae, rock group "Black Salt Tone’. I am extremely thrilled to try out a pair of your sticks as I have been wondering where on earth would I find a pair of green sticks! I will be buying my first pair soon at the Bakersfield store.Yay! -Tree

Michael Quintana

I live in Austin Texas, a city very big on the whole green movement, not to mention it is the live music Capitol of the world. I am a working musician and I have many drummer friends in the industry who would be very interested in this product. I also happen to work in small live music venue and I speak with drummers on a day to day basis. I am willing to bet that many of them would be interested to,try these sticks out!

Jordan McDonald

Its hard to find sticks that maintain its grip and cant last a beating.Playing with sticks made from bamboo changes everthing when goin green.

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